Hindu - A creator-god, ruler of the heavens, the night sky, seas and rivers. Son of Aditi. Son of Kasyapa and Vinata, some say. Brother of Aryaman and Mitra. Consort of Ganga, Jumna or Varuni. Father of Pushkara and Vashishtha. He resigned in favour of Indra and became a sea-god with his own heaven, Pushpagiri, in the sea. He is sometimes regarded as one of the Dikpalas responsible for guarding the west with his elephant, Anjana, or as one of the adityas. He is depicted as having four heads, 1,000 arms and a fat stomach and may ride on a fish or in a seven-horse chariot or on the water-monster, Makara. Sometimes referred to as Varuna, Ahura Mazda, Ahura Mazda, Auharmazd, Auramazda, Hormazd, Hormazu, Horomazd, Living God, Mazda, Mazdah Ahura, Ohrmazd, Ohrmuzd, Ormazd, Ormuzd, Wise Lord, Persian, Ahura Mazdah, Armaiti, Aurharmazd, Harvatat, Hor(o)mazd, Kshathra, 'Living God', O(h)rmazd, O(h)rmuzd, Spenta Mainya, Sraosha, Vohu Manah, Armenian Aramazd, Assyrian Assara Mazas, Georgian Armaz, Greek Oromasdes, Zeus, Hindu Rudra, Assara Mazas, Assara Mazas, Persian Ahura Mazda, Lord of the Ocean, Lord of the Ocean, Anjana, Anjana, Jalapati, Jalapati, Kesa, Kesa, Pashabhrit, Pashabhrit, Pasabhrit, Pasi, Prasetas, Prasetas, Samraj, Samraj, Indra, Variloma, Variloma, Yadahpati, Yadahpati, Yadhapati, Balinese Waruna, Balinese Waruna, Kala, Ryujin, Greek Poseidon, Greek Poseidon, Drebkuls, Neptune, Japanese Ryujin, Japanese Ryujin, Kala or Waruna.

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