British - A king of Gales. His army met the army of Lambor on a beach where a mysterious ship came ashore. He used the sword he found on the ship to kill Lambor but, when he returned to replace the sword in its scabbard, he fell down dead. When he killed Lambor, his realm and that of Lambor became desolate, and were known as the Waste Land. In some accounts, the sword-stroke that killed Lambor was known as the Dolorous Stroke. As Hurlane, he is described as a Saracen king who made peace with Lambor but killed him when Lambor treacherously killed some of his men when he re-entered his ship to put away his sword. On occassion, identified as Varlan, Brulan, Brulan, Brulens, Brulens, Brutan, Brutan, Hurlame, Hurlame or Hurlane.

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