Norse - A god of light. Son of Odin and Rinda. He was fathered by Odin on Rinda on the advice of the magician Rossthiof and he grew to manhood in a single day. Carrying a bow and arrows, he went immediately to Asgard to avenge the murder of Balder by shooting Hoder. He was destined to be one of the survivors of Ragnarok. Also commonly identified as Vali.
Norse - Son of Loki and Sigyn. Brother of Narve. When the gods finally banished Loki and bound him hand and foot in a cave, the bonds they used were the entrails of Narve who had been torn to pieces by Vali in the form of a wolf. Another version says that the entrails used were those of Vali who was torn to pieces by Narve as a wolf. In some accounts, called Vali.

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