Norse - The hall of the chosen slain or palace of the dead in Asgard; Heaven. This palace of Odin was situated in the grove of Glasir and was said to have 540 huge doors. The walls were composed of shining spears, the roof of golden shields. The 800 occupants fought and died every day and were revived every night, training to fight on the side of the gods in the final battle, Ragnarok. The building was destroyed after Ragnarok. In the Wagnerian version, it was destroyed by fire as the final act in the curse of the Ring when the ring was thrown into the Rhine by Brunhild on the death of Siegfried. In some accounts, Valhalla is a corruption of Valaskialf, the home of Vali. In some lore, occasionally identified as Valhalla, Valaskialf, Valaskialf, Valaskiolf, Valaskjalf, Valaskjolf, Valhall, Valhall, Valholl, Valholl, Walhall, Walhall, Walhalla, Walhalla, Walhall(a), Walhall(a), Hindu Amaravata or Hindu Amaravata.

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