Armenian - The sun-god, god of fire, lightning and war. Husband of Anahit and Astlik. He is said to have been born from a plant or, in other accounts from fire, and created all living things. He is regarded as the creator of the Milky Way out of the straw scattered by his horse running through the heavens. Called Vahagn, Bahram, Bahram, Verethragna, Pahlavi Vahram, Vasapaklal, Vasapaklal, Dragon Slayer, Visapaklal, Greek Heracles, Greek Heracles, Arsaphes, Baal Tyre, Gisdhubar, Hereklo, Khons, Krishna, Melkarth, Vritrahana, Hindu Vritrahan, Hindu Vritrahan, Persian Verethragna or Persian Verethragna.

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