North American - One of 2 sisters, ancestresses of the human race. Sister of Nowutset. She was the ancestor of all the Indian tribes; her sister, Nowutset, engendered all other races. When the flood came, Utset led her people through a hollow reed into the upper world where they now live. She took the stars with her in a sack but they were spilled and scattered throughout the heavens. Some say that she gave the stars in a sack to Ishits and told him to take them to the underworld but he bit a hole in the bag and many stars escaped. Those remaining, she herself placed in the sky as the Great Bear, Orion and the Pleiades. Utset planted her own heart from which grew maize and other crops to feed the tribes. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Utset, Mother of the People or Mother of the People.

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