Mesopotamian - An Assyrian king. Son of Umbara Tutu, some say. He and his wife were the survivors of the flood, as told in the Assyrian legend. They landed on Mount Nisu when the waters subsided and, like Ziusudra, they were made immortal and became the ancestors of a new race of human beings. At times, referred to as Utnapishtim, Pir-napishtim, Pir-napishtim, Uta-napishtim, Uta-napishtim, Utanapishtim, Utanapishtim, Utnapishti, Utnapishti, Atrahasis, Uta-naptishtim, Uta-naptishtim, Babylonian Atrahasis, Babylonian Atrahasis, Ziusudra, Sumerian Ziusudra, Sumerian Ziusudra, Edjo, Edjo, Bouto, Buto, Lady of Heaven, Per-U-Ajit, Queen of Gods, Queen of Heaven, Uachit, Uadjit, udjat, Wadjet, B(o)uto, Uto or Greek Leto.

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