Uther Pendragon

British - King of Britain. Son of Constantine. Brother of Aurelius and Constans. Husband of Igraine. Father of King Arthur. When his brother, King Constans, was killed by Vortigern, he and his brother Aurelius Ambrosius were sent to the court of King Budicius in Brittany to escape from Vortigern but returned later to kill him by burning him in his castle. In one story, they reappeared as the dragons buried on Mount Erith by Lud and released when Vortigern, building his castle there, uncovered the cavern where they were buried. They flew off to Brittany, returning later in human form at the head of an army, burning down Vortigern's castle and recapturing the kingdom. One version says that Uther met and defeated the invading forces of Vortigern's son Paschent, killing both Paschent and Gillomar who was helping him. Uther became king on the death of his brother Aurelius and, from the dragon that appeared in the sky as a portent of his brother's death, he took the name Pendragon. He fell in love with Igraine when she came to his court with her husband, Gorlois, who took her back to Cornwall and locked her in a tower. Uther invaded Cornwall and Merlin gave him the form of Gorlois so that he was able to gain access to her, fathering the future king, Arthur. After the death of Gorlois, Igraine and Uther married and, in some versions, they had a daughter, Anna. He was poisoned by a Saxon, leaving the throne to a very young Arthur. One version has it that Uther promised the offspring of his liaison to Merlin in return for giving him access to Igraine. When Uther objected to handing over the baby Arthur, Merlin blinded the king and took the child. Another version says that Uther died childless and that Arthur was brought in by the sea and found by Merlin. In some accounts, Aurelius was Uther and his brother, who became king, was Pendragon. Others regard him as brother of Arthur and Constantine, all three being sons of Constans. Also identified as Uther Pendragon, Pendragon, Pendragon, Pandragon, Pendragwn, Uther Ben, Uther Ben, Uther Bendragon, Uther Bendragon, Uthr Bendragon, Uthr Bendragon, Uthyr Ben, Uthyr Ben, Riothamus, Riothamus, Arthur, Uth(e)r Bendragon, Uth(e)r Bendragon, Irish Iubhar or Irish Iubhar.

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