Hindu - Goddess of the dawn, light, piety and wealth. Daughter of Dyaus and Prithivi. Daughter of Prajapati, some say. Daughter or wife of Surya, some say. Sister of Agni and Ratri. In some accounts, she mated with her father, Prajapati, to produce all living things, in others she was born from the head of Dyaus. She may be depicted as a cow or riding in a chariot. Also commonly referred to as Ushas, Eos, Eos, Eoos, Hemera, Hespera, Egyptian Ahi, Hindu Aruna, Roman Aurora, Mater Matuta, Usas, Usas, Dyotana, Dyotana, Greek Athena, Greek Athena, Isis, Menrfa, Minerva, Neith, Sirl, Tauret or Thoueris.

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