Hindu - A nymph or a dawn-goddess. One of the Apsarases. Wife of Pururavas. Mother of Ayu. Mother of Agni, some say. The gods sent a beautiful nymph to upset the meditations of Naranarayana who, they felt, was acquiring too much power. The sage was not in the least disturbed - he merely placed a flower on his thigh and from it emerged Urvashi, an even more beautiful nymph. Both were sent to heaven by Naranarayana. She was rescued from the clutches of a demon by Pururavas and married him, stipulating that she must never see him naked. The jealous Gandharvas arranged that this should happen, where upon Urvashi disappeared immediately. Her husband found her much later and she arranged to meet him once a year for five years. On each occasion, she presented him with a son, the first being Ayu. They were later reunited and had three more sons. At times, identified as Urvashi, Uruasi, Uruasi, Uruki, Uruki, Urvasi or Urvasi.

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