British - A god of battle. A king of Gore, Murief or Rheged. A knight of King Arthur's court. Son of Cynfarch by Nefyn. Twin brother of Efrddf. Husband of Morgan le Fay, some say. Father of Marine, Owain, Pascen. Riwallawn and Run. Father of Owain by Morgan le Fay or Modron. He was hunting with King Arthur and Accolan when a ship sailing on a lake came in to the shore. They boarded the ship and were bewitched by Morgan le Fay. Urien found himself back with his wife while Arthur fought and killed Accolan. In some accounts, Urien was a king in Scotland who abducted Orwen and married her, becoming king of Wales when her brother, Meriadoc, ousted Griffith who had usurped the throne after killing their father, Caradoc. In other accounts, he is equated with King Arthur or Nanters; others say his wife was Brimesent or Modron. Also known as Urien, Bran, Bran, Bran of Gore, Bran of Gower, Bran of Gwales, Bran the Blessed, Urien, Vran, Bendigeid Vran, Bendigeidfran, Bendigert Bran, Brandegore, (Ogyr) Vran, Roman Saturn, Spanish Berng, Verng, Gwyddno Garanhirtan, Gwyddno Garanhirtan, Dewrarth, Gwyddno Garanhir or Gwyddno Garanhir Gwyddeu.

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