Norse - One of the 3 Norns - the past, fate. Daughter of Mimir, some say. She was regarded as the chief of the Norns and is depicted as an old woman looking backwards. Also commonly called Urda, Urd, Urd, Wurd, Urdh, Urdh, Urdhr, Urdhr, Urdr, Urdr, Urdur, Urdur, Urpr, Urpr, Urth, Urth, Urthr, Urthr, Urdh(r), Urdh(r), Urd(u)r, Urd(u)r, Anglo-Saxon Wyrd, Anglo-Saxon Wyrd, Hel, Hel, Wyrd, Wyrd, Norns, Weird or Wyrde.

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