Japanese - A young fisherman. Husband of Otohime. He married a sea-maiden, Otohime, daughter of the Dragon King, whom he had caught in the form of a tortoise, and lived under the sea, never aging. When he returned to visit his parents, Otohime gave him a box to ensure his safe return to their undersea palace. On land, he found everything changed and it transpired that he had been away for 300 years, although it had seemed like a few days. He opened the box, from which a small cloud emerged and floated away and he immediately grew old and died. Also commonly called Urashima, Fire Fade, Fire Fade, Fireshade, Hiko-hoho-demi, Ho-wori, Hoho-demi, Hoori, Oto-hime, Yamasachi or (Hiko-)hoho-demi.

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