North American - A spirit of the Sioux in the form of a huge water-snake. In the first age, Wakan Tanka created human beings and the monstrous Unktahe and her brood, thinking they were ants, drowned them with water spouting from their horns. Wakan Tanka and the other Thunderbirds killed all the monsters with their thunderbolts. In another version, Unktahe lived in the sea but, once in a while, came up the river Missouri, causing floods. The beast had only one vulnerable spot but this was known to twin boys who killed the monster with a well-aimed arrow. They cut out its heart and buried it, and found it gave them powers of prophecy until they allowed others to see it when it exploded. Sometimes called Unktahe, Uncegila, Uncegila, Unktehi, Unktehi, Untunktahe or Untunktahe.

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