Irish - An aunt of Finn mac Cool. She was promised in marriage to a king, Iollan, whose jealous first wife turned her into a hound and gave her to Fergus Fionnliat as a present. When Lugaid Lagha killed Iollan, she was restored to human form and married Lugaid. She later gave birth to triplets and, at the same time, two pups which became Finn's hounds, Bran and Sceolan. In some accounts, she is referred to as Finn's sister and called Tuireann (Tyren) and the jealous woman was not his first wife but his mistress, the druidess Uchtdealb. In some references, called Uirne, Tuireann, Tuireann, Turenn, Tuiren, Tuiren, Tuirenn, Tuirenn, Tyren, Tyren, Tuirrean, Tuirrean, Tuiren(n) or Tuiren(n).

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