Ugaine Mor

Irish - A high-king of Ireland. Husband of Cessair. Brother of Bodhbhcha. Father of Covac and Laoghaire Lorc. When he died the country was divided into equal parts and shared among his twenty-five children. In some accounts, he was killed by his brother, Bodhbhcha, who was himself killed by Ugaine's son, Laoghaire. In some references, identified as Ugaine Mor, Ugainy Mor, Ugainy Mor, Ughaine Mor, Ughaine Mor, Ugoine Mor, Ugoine Mor, Ugony Mor, Ugony Mor, Ugainy, Ugainy, Ughaine, Ughaine, Ugoine, Ugoine, Ugony or Ugony.

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