New Zealand - A Maori chief. Husband of Pai Hutanga, Pou. Matangatanga and Taka-Rita. His second wife, Taka-Rita, slept with two other men so Uenuku killed all three of them. Her brother, Tawheta, exacted vengeance by killing all five of Uenuku's sons by his first wife, Pai Hutanga. Uenuku attacked Tawheta's compound and killed many of his men but some, including Tawheta, escaped and hid in the forest. Uenuku then seized Tawheta's sister, Pou Matangatanga and married her. When Tawheta's hiding place was discovered, Uenuku killed Tawheta and his men. The blood-stained water was as red as the sea at sunset and the battle became known as The Day of Two Sunsets. In some accounts, called Uenuku.

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