Uath mac Imoman

Irish - A shape-changing god. He lived at Oath's Lake and was asked to judge which of three warriors, Conall, Cuchulainn and Laoghaire, was the greatest. Uath proposed a beheading contest. In some versions, Conall and Laoghaire refused the challenge, in others they cut off Uath's head but refused to submit themselves for the axe. Cuchulainn accepted the challenge and when Uath tried to behead him, the axe turned on the executioner. It is said that, when Cuchulainn put his head on the block, Uath resumed his normal form as King Curoi. Also called Uath mac Imoman, Horror, Horror, Ulath mac Immomuin, Ulath mac Immomuin, Bricciu, Bricciu, Bricne, Bricriu, Bricriu (Nemthenga), Curoi, Curoi, Cu Raui, Cu Roi mac dairi, Cu Rui, Cu R(a)ui, Cu Roi mac Dairi or Uath.

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