Greek - A dawn-goddess. Daughter of Salmoneus and Alcidice. Wife of Cretheus. Mother of Aeson, Amythaon and Pheres by Cretheus. Mother of Neleus and Pelias. By Poseidon. She was raped by Sisyphus who tried to persuade the people that she had had an incestuous affair with her own father, Salmoneus. She loved Enipeus but had an affair with Poseidon, in the guise of Enipeus, and bore the twins Neleus and Pelias. She abandoned them but they were found and reared by a horse-herder and adopted by Salmoneus and his wife. Her father's second wife, Sidero, treated Tyro very badly. Tyro married Cretheus and bore him a son, Aeson who became the father of Jason. In another version, Cretheus adopted the twins as his own, in others, when he learned of her affair with Poseidon, he abandoned Tyro and took Sidero, her maid, in her place. Tyro was badly treated and lived in very poor circumstances until the boys grew to manhood and went to look for her. When they found her, they were quick to exact revenge by killing Sidero. In some lore, occasionally called Tyro.

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