Norse - A sky-god and god of war. Son of Odin and Frigga, some say. Son of Hymir, some say. His hand was bitten off by Fenris when Tyr put it in the wolf's mouth as a guarantee of good faith when Fenris allowed himself to be bound to a rock and then found that he could not break free. At Ragnarok, he killed Garm but was himself killed in the battle by Garm. At times, known as Tyr, Ear, Ear, Tiwaz, Er, Er, Cheru, Heimdall, Erchtag, Erchtag, Tiwaz, Ir, Ir, Irmin, Irmin, Ermin, Hermin, Irmen, Norse Odin, Saxnot, Saxnot, Sahsnot, Saxneat, Seaxneat, S(e)axneat, Swordbearer, German Tiwaz, Norse Cheru, Teiwa, Teiwa, Teu, Teu, Tew, Tew, Tiu, Tiu, Tig, Ty, Ty, Tyw, Tyw, Zio, Zio, Zeus, Ziu, Ziu, Ziu-Wara, Ziu-Wara, Ziumen, Ziumen, Ziw, Ziw, E(a)r, E(a)r, Tiwaz, Ty(w), Ty(w), German Dings, German Dings, Tiu(z), Tiu(z), Tiw(a), Tiw(a), Tiwaz, Ziu(-Wara), Ziu(-Wara), Saxon Saxsnot, Saxon Saxsnot, Roman Mars, Roman Mars, Anhur, Belatucadros, Camulos, Camulos, Cariociecus, Maris or Nergal.

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