Greek - One of the Seven Against Thebes. Son of Oeneus and Althaea, Gorge or Periboea. Brother of Olenias. Husband of Deipyla. Father of Diomedes. He was banished for killing his brother or uncle in a hunting accident and was purified by Admastus whose daughter Deipyla he married. He tried to settle the quarrel with the Thebans by negotiation but failed. On his way back, he was ambushed by fifty Thebans and killed all of them. In the attack on Thebes, he faced Melanippus at the Proetid Gate and killed him in single combat, receiving a fatal wound at the same time. When Amphiaraus decapitated Melanippus and gave the head to Tydeus, he split it open and ate the brains. Athena, who had arrived on the scene to save him, was so appalled that she left him to die. At times, called Tydeus, Tudeus or Tudeus.

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