Twrch Trwyth

Welsh - A king transformed into a huge boar for his sins. Son of Taredd Wledig. One of the tasks set for Culhwch by Ysbaddaden as a condition of marriage to his daughter Olwen was to bring to him the comb and scissors, which, together with a razor, this animal carried between his ears. King Arthur and his men helped Culhwch in this task and they hunted the boar through Wales to Cornwall. He killed many of Arthur's men in the fights that ensued en route and lost most of his own sons who were in the form of young boars. The comb and scissors were seized by Arthur's men and given to Culhwch and Twrch Trwyth was finally chased into the sea off Cornwall and never seen again. In other versions, the role of Twrch Trwyth is played by a prince who leads a band of ferocious pigs. Occasionally referred to as Twrch Trwyth, Porcus Troit, Porcus Troit, Troynt, Troynt, Twrch Trwyd, Twrch Trwyd, White Turk, White Turk, Irish Torc Triath or Irish Torc Triath.

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