Turkish Lore, Gods, Demigods, Heroes, Symbols, and Other Famous Mythological Characters


A fertility-goddess. On occassion, known as Aphrodisias, Greek Aphrodite, Greek Aphrodite, Alilat, Anahit, Anahita, Anaitis, Aprodita, Argimpasa, Astarte, Biducht, Caelestis, Concordia, Hathor, Ishtar, Mylitta, Rati, Syrian Goddess or Turan.


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Dede Korkut

A book of 12 stories about ancient heroes. Also identified as Dede Korkut.


A name for god. Sometimes known as Esai.


Fate as decreed by god. Sometimes referred to as kismet, kismat, kismat, Muslim quisma or Muslim quisma.


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Jade or a drink made from it. In some accounts, called Sootash, Chinese Yü, Chinese Yü, Yeshm, Persian Yeshm, Persian Yeshm, , , or Turkish Sootash.


A one-eyed monster overcome by a hero in Dede Korkut. In some accounts, identified as Tepegoz, Goggle-eye or Goggle-eye.


A shamanist fetish in the form of an image. Also known as tyus, Altai Kurmes, Altai Kurmes, ongon, Buriat ongon, Buriat ongon or kurmes.
Turkish Mythology