Tung Wang Kung

Chinese - A Taoist god. Husband of Hsi Wang Mu. Father of Chung Wo, Hsien Hsiu, Hua Lin, Mei Lan, Yao Chi and Wan. He was the embodiment of the male yang principle and combined with Hsi Wang Mu to produce the world and all that is in it. He was said to have the face of a bird and the tail of a tiger and he lived in the Cloud Palace. In some references, called Tung Wang Kung, Eastern Royal Duke, Eastern Royal Duke, Lord of the Immortals, Lord of the Immortals, Mu Kung, Mu Kung, Duke of Wood, Royal Lord of the East, Royal Lord of the East, Hindu Indra, Hindu Indra, Amoghasiddhi, Phra In, Preas Eyn, Shakra, Venda, Verethragna, Wei-t'o, T'ai I, T'ai I, Chiu-kung T'ai I, Great Change, The or Great Monad.

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