North American - A creator-spirit of the Dieguenos. Brother of Yokomatis. He and his brother were born at the bottom of the sea and pushed up the sky so that there was room for them to move about and then created all the things in the world, including men and women. In some accounts, Tuchaipai is referred to as Kokomat and his blind brother as Bakothal. At times, called Tuchaipai, Bakothal, Bakothal, Yokomatis, Blind Old Man, Blind Old Man, Chaipa-komat, Chaipa-komat, Chakumat, Chakumat, Kokomaht, Kokomaht, Kokomat, Kokomat, Mayohu, Mayohu, Tu-chai-pai, Tu-chai-pai, Kokoma(h)t, Kokoma(h)t, Mohave Matavilya, Mohave Matavilya, Yuma Kwikumat or Yuma Kwikumat.

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