Tuathal Techtmar

Irish - A high-king of Ireland, some say. Son of Fiachu and Eithne Imgheal. When his father was killed by the usurper, Eilim, Tuathal, helped by Fiachra Casan and Findhmall, raised an army, killed Eilim at the Battle of Achall and became high-king. Eochaid mac Eachach, king of Leinster, married Tuathal's elder daughter, pretended she was dead and then married the younger one. Both girls died of shame when they found out what had happened. Tuathal waged war on Eochaid and exacted an annual tribute of cattle, the Boramha. In some lore, occasionally called Tuathal Techtmar, Tuathal Teachtmhar or Tuathal Teachtmhar.

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