Tsao Chün

Chinese - A Taoist kitchen-god. Husband of Kuo Ting-hsiang and Li Hai-t'ang. Chang was a mortal who was blinded by the gods when he deserted his first wife and took his mistress, Li Hait'ang, as his second wife. Begging for his living, he was handsomely entertained by his former wife and, in shame at his treatment of her, he killed himself by jumping into the fire. Taken up to heaven, he was made a kitchen-god. He laid down a long list of rules of hygiene and proper conduct in the kitchen and is said to travel once a year (or several times a month in some accounts) between heaven and earth to report to Chenghuang on the state of the family. In some accounts, Tsao Chün and Tsao Shen are separate beings. Occasionally identified as Tsao Chün, Chang Tsao-wang, Chang Tsao-wang, Chang Tao-ling, Tao Chun, Kitchen God, Kitchen God, Stove God, P'u Sa, P'u Sa, Hotei, Mi-lo-fo, Ssu Ming, Ssu Ming, Tsao Kung, Tsao Kung, Tsao Shen, Tsao Shen, Tsao Wang, Tsao Wang, Tung Chu, Tung Chu, Ho-shen or Ho-shen.

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