Ts'ao Kuo-chiu

Chinese - A 10th C. Warrior. One of the Eight Immortals. Son of Ts'ao Pin. Brother of Ching-chih and Tsao. Hou. His young brother killed a man in order to get his wife for himself but she resisted him and he had her thrown into a well. She was saved and complained to the Imperial Censor, Pao Lao-yeh, who had Ching-chih executed and his brother put in prison. He was later released under an amnesty and became a hermit as Tsao Kuo-chiu, receiving instruction from Chung-li. He became the patron saint of the theatre and is often depicted holding castanets. On occassion, referred to as Ts'ao Kuo-chiu, Ts'ao-ching-hsiu, Ts'ao-ching-hsiu, Ts'ao Ching-hsiu or Ts'ao Ching-hsiu.

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