Trojan War

Greek - A war between the Greeks and the Trojans. This ten-year struggle was precipitated by the abduction of the Greek Helen, the wife of Menelaus, by Paris, the son of Priam, king of Troy. The battle raged backwards and forwards outside the impregnable walls of the city, built by Apollo and Poseidon, with many great heroes on both sides being killed. The arch-schemer on the Greek side was Odysseus and it was he who finally conceived the plan that led to the fall of Troy. He had a skilled carpenter, Epeius, construct a huge wooden horse. hollow inside, in which he, Pyrrhus and a few others could hide. The horse was left outside the gates of Troy at night and the Greek army embarked and sailed out of sight of the city. By daylight, the Trojans were deceived into hauling the huge horse into Troy, in some accounts demolishing part of the city walls to allow it to enter. During the following night the occupants descended and opened the city gates to the army who had sailed back under cover of darkness. The city was sacked and burnt, nearly all the men were slaughtered and the women were taken as slaves and concubines. Aphrodite ensured that Aeneas escaped with his father and young son and Helen was returned to Menelaus. Also referred to as Trojan War, Siege of Troy, Siege of Troy, Trojan Horse, The, Trojan Horse, The, Wooden Horse, Wooden Horse, Wooden Horse or Trojan Horse.

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