Roman - A name of Artemis, Diana or Hecate as goddess of the crossroads. Statues of Diana (Trivia) erected at such sites sometimes had three heaads - boar, dog and horse. At times, known as Trivia, Artemis, Artemis, Bear Goddess, Britomart, Irina, Kalliste, Lady of Wild Things, Mistress of the Griffins, Orthia, Orthria, Phoebe, sacred birds, Taurica, Upis, Agrotera, Aph(a)ea, Arcadia, Bear goddess, Brauronia, Britomart(is), Carmenta, Carnasia, Cranae(a), Cynthia, Delia, Dictynna, Elate, Korythalia, Locheia, Mistress of Animals, Mistress of Griffins, Orth(r)ia, Phoebe, Phyllis, Phosporos, Polyboea, Potnia, Theron, Selene, Tauropolos, White Goddess, Irish Garbh Ogh, Roman Diana, Syrian Atargatis, Thracian Bendis, Euronyme, 'three ways', 'three ways', Greek Hecate, Greek Hecate, Trioditis or Trioditis.

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