Greek - A sea-god: a merman. Son of Poseidon or Hermes and Amphitrite. Father of Pallas, some say. This god could cause storms or calm the seas by blowing on his conch-shell trumpet. In some accounts, he was king of Libya and, when the Argonauts were stranded inland, he appeared as Eurypylus and dragged the Argo overland to the sea. He also gave Euphemus a clod of earth which, when later dropped into the sea, developed into the island of Calliste. Some say that he had a daughter named Pallas who was killed by Athena. As a sea-god, he is depicted as halfman, half-fish. Some accounts speak of Tritons in the plural, attendants on Poseidon, sons of Phorcus and Ceto. In some accounts, identified as Triton, centauro-triton, centauro-triton, ichthyocentaur or ichthyotaurus.

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