General - A deity, demigod or a culture hero in many countries. (1) In Africa, the spider is the trickster in West Africa and in Dahomey it is Legba. (2) In North America, Trickster is one of the five (or eight) great spirits created by Earth-maker. The most widely known trickster is Coyote but there are others such as Inkotomi (Sioux), Manabozho (Chippewa), Nihansan (Arapaho), Old Man (Blackfoot), Rabbit (south-east), Sen'dah (Kiowa), Sitkonski (Assiniboine) and Wisagatcak (Cree). (3) In South America, Trickster is a deity in the Guianas where it is said that, in the early days, fish swam inside a large tree and men were permitted to shoot all but the large fish. Trickster ignored this rule and shot a dorado. As a result, the earth was flooded. Trickster saved the day by using his spear to open up a channel which drained the waters off to the sea. In other stories, the fox plays the part of the trickster in Chaco lore, the moon in Apinaye lore. On occassion, referred to as Trickster.

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