British - A witch. Daughter of Olyroun. She seduced Launfal and gave him the trappings of a noble in which he returned to Camelot to expose the false Guinevere who he knew had taken over from the true queen at the wedding of King Arthur. When boasting of Trianor's beauty, he carelessly mentioned her name - something he had been forbidden to do - and all his fine clothes and wealth disappeared. The queen would have had him executed but Trianor went to Camelot, struck the false Guinevere blind and carried Launfal off to her magical fairyland or, in some accounts, to Avalon. In some accounts, it is suggested that Trianor is yet another manifestation of Morgan le Fay. In some lore, occasionally known as Trianor, Tryamour, Tryamour, Tryanon or Tryanon.

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