Treasures of Britain

British - A collection of marvellous objects. Put together by Merlin. This list varies from one account to another and can include any of the following: chariot of Morgan (Cadair) coat of Padarn Redcoat (Pais Padarn) cauldron of Drynog or Diwrnach (Pair Drynog) dish of Rhygenydd (Dysgyl a Gren Rhydderch) gwyddbwll board of Gwenddolau (Tawlbwrdd) halter of Clydno hamper of Gwyddno (Mwys Gwyddno) horn of Bran Galed (Corn Brangaled) knife of Llaufrodedd (Cyllel Llaufrodedd) mantle of King Arthur (Llen Arthur) mantle of Tegau (Mantell) ring of Eluned (Modrwy Eluned) stone of Eluned sword of Rhydderch (Dyrnwyn) whetstone of Tudwal (Hogalen Tudno) Occasionally known as Treasures of Britain, Hallows, Hallows, Thirteen Treasures or Thirteen Treasures.

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