Treasure Bag of the Fianna

Irish - The container in which the wealth and trophies of the Fianna were stored. It is said that this bag was made from the skin of Aoife who was killed when she was in the form of a crane. It was believed to hold many magical articles as well as the money used to pay the warriors of the Fianna. It was seized by Finn mac Cool when he killed Lia, the treasurer of the Fianna, who some say had killed Cumaill - leader of the Fianna and Finn mac Cool's father - to take the bag. Finn mac Cool gave the money to the survivors of the Battle of Knock. Some of the treasures kept in this bag were Manannan's knife and his shirt, the belt of the smith Goibhniu, the bones of the pigs of Asal, the helmet of a Lochlanner king and a pair of shears once owned by the king of Alba. It was said that these items could be seen only when the tide was in and vanished from human sight when it ebbed. In some references, referred to as Treasure Bag of the Fianna, Corrbolg, Corrbolg, Treasure Bag, The Crane Bag or The Crane Bag.

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