Buddhist - Heaven: the home of Indra. This is the heaven to which the Buddha went to instruct his mother, Queen Maya, who had died a week after his birth, in the new religion. In some accounts, called Trayastrimsa, Jaka, Jaka, Trayastrinsa, Trayastrinsa, Trayastrinska, Trayastrinska, Trayastrins(k)a;Hindu Svarga, Trayastrins(k)a;Hindu Svarga, Svarga, Svarga, Indra-Loka, Nandana, Suarga, Svar-Loka, Svarga-Loka, svark, Swarga, Devaloka, Jarog, Rarach, Rarog, Svar(ga)-Loka or Buddhist Trayastrimsa.

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