Tou Mu

Chinese - A name for Chun T'i as Mother of the Ladle. Wife of Tou Fu. Mother of the 9 Jen Wang. In this role, she is the goddess of the constellation of the Southern Bushel (Sagittarius) and keeper of the registers of mortals and gods. She was killed by Jan-teng Tao-jen who struck her with a pearl. She is depicted with three eyes and eight arms, seated on a lotus. In some lore, occasionally known as Tou Mu, Chun T'i, Chun T'i, T'ien Hou, Mother of the Ladle, T'ien Hou, Buddhist Kuan Yin, Hindu Maritchi, Maritchi, Maritchi, Marichi, Marici, Mo-li-chi, Buddhist Maric(h)i, Chinese Chun T'i, Tao Mu, Tao Mu, Mother of the Way, T'ien Mu, T'ien Mu or Mother of Heaven.

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