British - A Knight of the Round Table. Son of Pellimore. Brother of Elaine. He was taken to Arthur's court as a youth by his cowherd father, Aries, who convinced Arthur to knight him before his wedding began. Merlin disclosed that he was, in fact, a son of Pellimore, who had forced himself on Torre's mother. At Arthur's wedding feast Torre was sent off to find the knight who had seized and ridden away with the white bitch that had chased the white stag into the hall, interrupting the proceedings. He rode off and met a dwarf who required him to joust with two knights. He defeated them both and sent them to Arthur's court. The dwarf then attached himself as servant to Torre and led him to the knight he was seeking. Torre retrieved the bitch from the knight's lady and set off back to Camelot. The knight, Arbellus, rode after him and they fought, with Torre toppling his opponent. He might have spared him, but a damsel rode up and demanded his head, claiming that Arbellus had killed her brother. He ran away but Torre overtook and killed him. When he returned to Camelot with the white bitch and the dead Arbellus, he was rewarded by the king who gave him an earldom. He was one of those killed by Lancelot when he rescued Guinevere from the stake. In some references, identified as Torre, Tor or Tor.

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