Central American - The primaeval female principle of the Aztecs. Mother of Camaxtli, Huitzilopochtli, Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca, some say. She combined with Tonacatecuhtli to create life on earth and, in some accounts, is identified with Omecihuatl. This deity lived in the highest of the thirteen Aztec heavens. Occasionally referred to as Tonacacihuatl, Lady Nourishment, Lady Nourishment, Lady of Our Flesh, Lady of Our Flesh, Omecihuatl, Tonanaciutl, Tzinteotl, Tzinteotl, Chicimecohuatl, Chicimecohuatl, Citlalinicue, Citlalinicue, Citalicue, Citallinicue, Citlalicue, Ometeotl, Ometeotl, Lord of All Existence, Lord of the Ring, Tloque Nahuaque, Two-God, Two-god, Tonacachihuatl, Xochquetzal or Xochquetzal.

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