Central American - An unclean goddess of the Aztecs. Goddess of childbirth, pleasure and death. An aspect of Tonantzin. Consort of Tezcatlipoca. Mother of Cinteotl and Xochiquetzal. In Toltec lore, ruler of the fifth hour of the day and the seventh hour of the night. Devotees of this goddess were trained as prostitutes and killed after serving the soldiery. In some accounts, she has four aspects, the sisters Teicu, Ticapan, Tlaco and Xocutin. In some versions she is an aspect of Coatlicie as the eater of filth. Called Tlazolteotl, Coatlicue, Coatlicue, Chicomecohuatl, Coatlantona, Ilamatecuhtli, I(t)zpapalotl, Robe of Serpents, Serpent Skirt, Tona(n)tzin, Itzcuinan, Itzcuinan, Xochiquetzal, Ixcuina, Ixcuina, Ixcuiname, Ixcuiname, Ixcuinana, Ixcuinana, Ixquina, Ixquina, Queen of Cotton, Queen of Cotton, Tlacolteotl, Tlacolteotl, Ixcuina(na), Ixcuina(na), Temazcalteci, Temazcalteci, Cihuacoatl, Teteoinnan, Teteoinnan, Tetoinnan, Mother of the Gods, Toci(tzin), Tlaelquarni, Tlaelquarni, Filth-eater, Tlaelquani, Tlazolteotli, Tlazolteotli, Tlazoltoetl, Toxi or Toxi.

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