Central American - The land from which Quetzalcoatl. Came and to which he returned. In some accounts, this name is given to Quetzalcoatl himself. Sometimes referred to as Tlapallan, Land of Bright Colours, Land of Bright Colours, Quetzalcoatl , Quetzalcoatl , Ce Acatl, Eecatl, Ehecatl, Feathered Staff, (Green-)feathered Serpent, Huitzilopochtli, Lord of the (House of) Dawn, Precious Tree, Tla(h)ui(z)calpantecuhtli, White Tezcatlipoca, Yahualli-Ehecatl, Hopi Palulukon, Mayan Kukulcan, Itzamna, Kwakiutl Kanikilak, Salish Quaaqua, Tlingit Yetl, Zuni Kaloowise, Huemac, Nanihehecatli, Papachtic, Quetzalcoatl, Topiltzin,Yahualli-Ehecatl, Tabasco, Tabasco, Xalac or Xalac.

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