Central American - A rain-god of the Aztecs and Toltecs. An aspect (south) of Tezcatlipoca. Husband and brother of Chalchihuitlicue. Husband of Xochiquetzal, some say. Father of the Tlalocs. In the Aztec creation stories, he became the ruler of the Third Sun. Quetzalcoatl had ruled for the 676 years of the Second Sun and had created a new race of people. Tlaloc caused a great wind which blew all these people away (except for a few who became monkeys) and took over for the period of the Third Sun which lasted for 364 years, after which Chalchihuitlicue became ruler of the Fourth Sun. He is regarded as the ruler of Ilhuicatl Xoxouhcan, the eighth of the thirteen Aztec heavens, or of Tlalocan, the lowest of the three heavens. In some accounts he is the father of Tecciztecatl whom he burnt to make the moon. He owns four jugs from which he can pour rain, not all of it beneficial. Other accounts make him an aspect of Tezcatlipoca as guardian of the south. He is depicted as black, blue, red or white, with teeth like tusks, or as a toad wearing a serpent headdress or as a feathered serpent. Also commonly identified as Tlaloc, Quiyauhtonatiuh, Quiyauhtonatiuh, Third Sun, Rain Sun, Tezcatlipoca, Tezcatlipoca, Camaxtli, Chac, Cocijo, Fiery Mirror, Moyocoatzin, Moyocoyan, Onachihuitonatiuh, Smoking Mirror, Teimatini, Tescatlipoca, Texcatzoncatl, Tezcatepuca, Tlamatzsincatl, Yoamaxtli, Chalchihuitotolin, Huitzilopochtli, Itzlacoliuhque, Itzli, Mixcoatl-Camaxtli, Moneneque, Nezahuapilli, Omacatl, Quetzalcoatl, Telpochtli, Tepeyollotl, Titlac(ah)uan, Tonatiuh, Tree of Mirrors, Xipetotec, Yaotl, Yoalli Ehecatl, Yaotlinecoc, Yaotzin, Mayan Chac, Mixtec Tzahui, Totanac Tajin, Zapotec Cocijo, Moquequelsa, Pantecatle, Tequiua, Teyocoyani, Touyo, Tlaloctecuhtli, Tlaloctecuhtli, Mayan (Xib) Chac, Mayan (Xib) Chac, Totonac Tajin or Totonac Tajin.

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