Irish - A goddess. Daughter of Mug Ruith. She was said to have been raped by Simon Magus. In another story she managed to produce three sons at one birth, each of them by a different father. She died in the effort. In some accounts she is the same as Eire. In some references, referred to as Tlachtga, Eire, Eire, Ama, Anith, Anu, Aonach, Eadna, Eirean, Eirin, Eoghana, Eri, Erin, Eriu, Iath, Ith, Momo, Mumham, Nannam, Nanu, Ops, Sibhol, Ama, Anan, Anu, EireanEoghana, Eri(u), I(a)th, Momo, Nannan, Ops, Sibhd or Eri.

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