Tir inna mBan

Irish - A fabulous country visited by Bran. Bran and his crew stayed happily in this land for several centuries which passed like a single year. When they returned to Ireland, the one crew member who jumped ashore crumbled to dust. The island was also visited by Maeldun. In some references, known as Tir inna mBan, Annwfn, Annwfn, Abred, Affan, Affwys, Anghar, Annwn, Annwyfn, Annwyrn, Is Elfydd, Land-across-the-Sea, Land-under-the-Sea, Land-under-the-Waves, Uffern, Achren, Anghar Annwyfn, Annw(yr)n, Caer Feddwid, Caer Sid(d)i, Caer Wydyr, Fort(ress) of Glass, Landunder-the-Waves, Irish Sid, Tir inna mban, Dyfed, Island of Women, Island of Women, Land of Women, Land of Women, Tir na mBan, Tir na mBan, (Is)land of Women, (Is)land of Women, Welsh Annfwn or Welsh Annfwn.

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