Pacific Islands - A sea-god. Son of Vari-ma-te-takere. Husband of Ina. Father of Koro and Aroture. Father of Tuhuruhuru by Hina-kehu or Hina-uri, some say. Son of Vari-Ma-Te-Takere. He abandoned Hina-uri, the moongoddess who loved him, after their son was born. When Kae killed and ate Tinirau's pet whale, the sea-god killed Kae and ate him. His home in the world coconut is below that of Atea and on the island of Motu-Tapu, the Sacred Isle. He sometimes appeared as a handsome youth but is usually depicted as half-man, half-fish. In some accounts, known as Tinirau, Timirau, Timirau, Tini Rau or Tini Rau.

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