General - A large feline with a striped coat. Found in many eastern countries and their mythologies. (1) In Chinese lore the tiger is third of the Twelve Terrestrial Branches. The north and winter are represented by the Black Tiger; the south and fire by the Red Tiger; the east and vegetation by the Blue Tiger; the centre and the sun by the Yellow Tiger. It is also depicted as the favoured transport for various deities. (2) In the East Indies it is said that there is a race of men who can appear as tigers. In Sumatran lore, a sinner who prays for reincarnation may leave his grave in the form of a tiger. (3) In Hindu lore the tiger is the mount of Shiva. The Rajputs claim to be descended from tigers. (4) In Japan the tiger is said to live for 1,000 years and its image is used as the emblem of warriors. (5) In Malaysia these animals are said to be the incarnation of the dead or of the souls of sorcerers. It is said that a man can buy a magic means of transforming himself into a tiger both in life and after death. Also identified as tiger.

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