Mesopotamian - A Babylonian monster in the form of a she-dragon. Deity of the salt-water. The female principle. Consort of Abzu and Kingu. Mother of Lahmu and Lahamu. Mother of An and Kingu, some say. When Ea killed Abzu, Tiamat attacked him with a horde of demons to which she gave birth. Ea and the other gods chose Marduk to lead them. Tiamat was slain by Marduk and her body was used to build the world. Her second husband (or son), Kingu, was killed at the same time and his blood was used to make mankind. In some accounts, she was the sister of Shallak whom she married. Identified as Tiamat, Amorka, Amorka, Amoroka, Amoroka, Chaos Mother, Chaos Mother, Mother Chuber, Mother Chuber, Mother Tiamat, Mother Tiamat, Tamtu, Tamtu, Tehom, Tehom, Tham, Tham, Atum, Tiawath, Tiawath, Amor(o)ka, Amor(o)ka, Omor(o)ka Great Mother, Omor(o)ka Great Mother, Mother Tiamat Tamtu, Mother Tiamat Tamtu, Egyptian Apep, Egyptian Apep, Apophis, Apophis, Hebrew Leviatan, Hebrew Leviatan, Rahab, Rahab, Rager, Rahabh, Sumerian Tiamat, Tohu, Tohu, Babylonian Tiamat, Sumerian Labbu, Sumerian Labbu, Syrian Tauthe, Syrian Tauthe, Mummu, Mummu, Ea, Mommu or Moymis.

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