Chinese - A ruler of hell. Ti-ts'ang was originally a Korean monk, Chin Ch'iao-chi, who founded a Buddhist sect in China and was known as Chin Ti-ts'ang by his followers. He died at the age of 99 and was deified as Ti-ts'ang Wang. In one of many lives, some say he was a girl whose mother was an incurably wicked cannibal but Tits'ang prayed so fervently for her when she died that she was saved from damnation. He is depicted dressed as a priest and holding a khalkara. In some accounts, called Ti-ts'ang, Chin Ti-ts'ang, Chin Ti-ts'ang, Earth-womb King, Earth-womb King, Ti-ts'ang Wang, Ti-ts'ang Wang, Chin Ch'iao-chi, Chin Ch'iao-chi, Yüming Chiao-shih, Yüming Chiao-shih, Indian Kshitigarbha, Indian Kshitigarbha, Jizo, Japanese Jizo, Japanese Jizo, Kshitigarbha or Kshitigarbha.

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