Greek - A king of Mycenae. Son of Pelops and Hippodamia. Brother of Atreus. Father of Pelopia. Father of Aegisthus by Pelopia. Father of Aglaus, Callileon and Orchomenus by one of the Naiads. Thyestes seduced Aerope, his brother Atreus's wife, who handed over the stuffed golden-fleeced lamb which was taken as proof of the owner's right to the throne. He also tricked Atreus into killing his own son, Pleisthenes. When Zeus reversed the motion of the sun, Thyestes abdicated in favour of Atreus who banished him from the kingdom. He unwittingly ate some of his own children killed by Atreus and served up at a meal. To avenge himself he raped his own daughter, Pelopia, who then married Atreus but bore Thyestes' son, Aegisthus. The boy was told by Atreus to kill Thyestes whom he had imprisoned but, recognising the sword the lad was carrying, Thyestes knew him for his own son and so avoided being killed. When Thyestes confessed to Pelopia that he was the masked rapist, she killed herself with his sword. He gave the sword back to Aegisthus and ordered him to kill Atreus. This time there was no escape and Thyestes took over the throne of Mycenae once again. He was later driven from the throne by Agamemnon, son of Atreus, and fled to Cythera where he died. On occassion, identified as Thyestes.

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