South American - An Inca hero with magical powers. Thunupa was said to have appeared from the north with five disciples. He was able to raise mountains and was said to have brought the sun, moon and stars out of Lake Titicaca and worked other such miracles before disappearing into the sea. Another version says that he carried a cross, preached peace and banned the worship of idols. He was killed by Makuri and his body was cast adrift in a reed boat on Lake Titicaca whence it sailed to Africa. He is depicted as a tall, bearded man with blue eyes. Also known as Thunupa, Conapa, Conapa, Taapac, Taapac, Tapac, Tapac, Thonapa, Thonapa, Thunapa, Thunapa, Thunupu, Thunupu, Tonapa, Tonapa, (Con Ticci) Viracocha, (Con Ticci) Viracocha, Pachaccan, Pachaccan, Ta(a)pac, Ta(a)pac, Tarapaca, Tarapaca, Thunapu, T(h)onapa, T(h)onapa, Vicchaycamaya or Vicchaycamaya.

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